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single channel video

In a vein attempt to reverse the destructive transformation of consumption, I try to give birth to something perfect…

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Thinking of You
Musée du Québec (2003)
Art Image, Gatineau, Québec (2005)

A male and female performer smile endlessly into the video camera (à la Effort of the Smile). On a ceiling mounted mechanism, the video projectors and speakers slowly rotate around the gallery so that the video image drifts around the room, circling the viewer like a hungry wolf. The spectator, stuck between these two ridiculously smiling characters is obliged to make some connection between the two (are they lovers of strangers?) and themselves (are they looking at me or each other?). The audio is a collage of sounds – rain, breathing, running, a crowd at a social gathering… – is meant simply to heighten the tension between the two images.

[watch Suspension]

Biennale de Montréal (2002)

I videoed a performer struggling to hold position on the parallel bars. But here, only the head and the legs below the knees are shown. The two stacked monitors of these views form some strange tadpole like hybrid creature suspended in the inky black background. Again, the video is looped and the performer remains forever floating to the accompanying audio of the end of a vinyl long playing record.

[watch Effort of the Smile]

Effort of the Smile
Taichung Taiwan (2001)
Calgary Canada (2004)

This is a video installation which is meant to be produced and installed in potentially numerous public locations with the collaboration of the local community. For this piece I randomly approach people and convince them to smile the biggest smile they can for as long as possible – until they physically brake down. Then I make the video footage of this into a loop so that itappears that the performers are smiling eternally. In Taichung I then convinced shop owners on a busy commercial street to display the videos amongst their electronic products and so on during a two week period. Thus, this absurdly smiling figure would appear next to violent video games, screaming television programs, blaring radios etc.

[watch Escape Velocity]

Escape Velocity
Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal (2001)

In a specifically built cubic shaped room 6 monitors were placed on the floors, walls and ceilings. In each monitor a separate loop of a performer jumping into the viewfinder of the video camera is played in random order. The monitors are oriented toward the floor, walls and ceiling so that the performer appears to be trying to smash through the limits of the architectural space. As well, each time the performer leaps into the view of the camera he chants the day of the week – Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi…. – in a further evocation of his desire to break out of the limits of time.

[watch Interior of a Minute]

Interior of a Minute
Optica Montréal (2000)
YYZ Toronto (2003)

Five or Six monitors are attached to the ceiling of the gallery in a large outward facing circle. Each monitor runs a loop of a performer standing on his/her head counting from one to sixty. However, in the editing process the performers heads are inverted so the gravitational pull of the headstand appears to be pulling them to the ceiling. What’s more, I have edited the video so that the characters count forward, then backward, then forward so that they never actually reach the end of their counting to sixty – thus remaining stuck inside the eternal minute of this absurd view of the performers. The effect when one enters the gallery is simply a barrage of numbers being called out. It is only when the viewer focuses on an individual monitor that they realize the scenario.