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Microcosmos no. 03-01
oil on canvas
12 in x 12 in

[watch Thinking of You]

Thinking of You
Musée du Québec (2003)
Art Image, Gatineau, Québec (2005)

A male and female performer smile endlessly into the video camera (à la Effort of the Smile). On a ceiling mounted mechanism, the video projectors and speakers slowly rotate around the gallery so that the video image drifts around the room, circling the viewer like a hungry wolf. The spectator, stuck between these two ridiculously smiling characters is obliged to make some connection between the two (are they lovers of strangers?) and themselves (are they looking at me or each other?). The audio is a collage of sounds – rain, breathing, running, a crowd at a social gathering… – is meant simply to heighten the tension between the two images.